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Once my hosting provider got hacked and shutdown, I had to move my blog from there to...somewhere. So why not experiment on the ol' VPS? (Well, other than the fact that I'll probably get hacked next...)

I remember approximately 0% of setting this up last time, other than the fact that it failed t...

This post/rant may get big enough that I thought it could stand alone.

After uploading all of my photos, I thought that I would pre-generate all of the image previews so that I'd have them all ready when I want to view them. It doesn't take too long to generate them on the fly, but it's long enou...

Initial Debian Setup

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
systemctl reboot

#apt-get install curl
#apt-get install gnupg
apt-get install sudo

adduser chris
usermod -aG sudo chris

Install Syncthing

# Add the release PGP keys:
curl -s | sudo apt-key add -

# Add...