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Hi, my name is Chris and I'm addicted to buying domain names, hosting half-baked ideas and then neglecting them.


This is an abandoned blog powered by either hugo or jekyll (I can't remember which). It's hosted (statically) via netflify and deployed via bitbucket.


This site, powered by grav. It's hosted at one of the cheapest hosting providers I could find. After the initial setup, grav pretty much runs on its own. Since it generates all the files it needs, I do back it up occasionally to gitlab. I'm not entirely sure what else is on this domain. My hosting provider uses cpanel and I assume by now that I have messed something up behind the scenes. I used the softaculous installer inside of cpanel to deploy a number of things over the years. I've since deleted all of those, but I'm sure some breadcrumbs remain. I've also stuffed a few files in manually as well.


A joke site that has moved around over the years. Currently hosted via and connected to...I don't know what. I'm fairly certain it's just an index page and a graphic. I see private repos for it in both bitbucket and gitlab, so that's something. I need to dig more into this one. I believe the contents exist somewhere in my dev VM and then were pushed out to


Another "blog" that I rage-created one day. It's another static site, powered by gatsby and statically hosted via netflify. This one is connected to gitlab. It took me a couple iterations to get it working. I started with a quick deploy from netlify. It worked ok, but as I tried to extend it I found that the initial install was horribly out of date. I tried to migrate it to a newer version, but mostly wiped out everything and started fresh. Most of the initial work was done in my dev VM, but now updates are done either there or via the gitlab web editor.

Next Steps

  • BB
    • Move the repo from bitbucket to gitlab.
    • Point netlify to gitlab
    • Get rid of bitbucket repo to eliminate confusion.
  • CW
    • This is fine
  • WS
    • Host at netlify - point to gitlab.
    • Tear down project (see here)
    • Get rid of bitbucket repo to eliminate confusion.
  • YCNR
    • This is fine

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