Hi, my name is Chris and I'm still addicted to buying domain names, hosting half-baked ideas and then neglecting them. (See here: https://chrisweber.com/blog/my-hosting-mess)


Still abandoned, although I did attempt to "revive" it by at least updating it to the latest and greatest version of hugo. I did move the git repo to gitlab and delete the old bitbucket repo. It's in a state where I could attempt to pick it up again if I wanted to.


This site, still powered by grav. It's still hosted at my stupidly low-cost hosting provider. grav is still pretty much running on its own. I try to keep it up to date and occasionally back up the files to gitlab.

I'm not entirely sure what else is on this domain. My hosting provider uses cpanel and I assume by now that I have messed something up behind the scenes. I used the softaculous installer inside of cpanel to deploy a number of things over the years. I've since deleted all of those, but I'm sure some breadcrumbs remain. I've also stuffed a few files in manually as well.


A joke site that has moved around over the years. I moved it away from surge.sh and to (you guessed it) netlify. I deleted the bitbucket repo and it's now pointing to gitlab as well.


Another "blog" that I rage-created one day. It's another static site, powered by gatsby and statically hosted via netflify. This one is connected to gitlab. It took me a couple iterations to get it working. I started with a quick deploy from netlify. It worked ok, but as I tried to extend it I found that the initial install was horribly out of date. I tried to migrate it to a newer version, but mostly wiped out everything and started fresh. Most of the initial work was done in my dev VM, but now updates are done either there or via the gitlab web editor.

This thing is on the verge of breaking -- I've messed with the package management stuff so many times and messed things up that it's a miracle it deploys at all. I need to figure out how it all fits together and actually do this properly.

Next Steps

  • BB
    • This is fine.
    • Revive it if I ever feel like it.
  • CW
    • This is fine.
    • Keep it up to date & do git backups.
  • WS
    • This is fine.
  • YCNR
    • Sort of fine...
    • Undo all the damage I've done

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